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Microcement installation on the walls

Microcement installation on the walls Microcement coating is a great idea for wall design as it creates an original, unique pattern and texture on the walls.  An interesting wall finish can help you to create a modern and elegant interior. Microcement various colors and textures create stylish yet minimalistic effect; even one wall with microcement […]

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8 Rules of successful microcement installation

8 Rules of successful microcement installation – Q & A and some basic rules  The first rule of successful microcement installation is to properly assess the surface that you will be installing the microcement on. There are some basic rules you should follow to ensure you achieve the desired and highly aesthetic outcome of microcement […]

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Is microcement waterproof?  

Yes, our READY MIX microcement has minimum water absorption and our traditional monocomponent microcement becomes waterproof when protected properly with our solvent based sealers and ! See for yourself and click HERE 🙂 Microcement is a perfect material for installation in bathrooms, wet rooms and outside areas. In recent years it has been used as […]

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Microcement and underfloor heating

Can microcement be installed on a floor with underfloor heating? – Yes. Microcement is suitable for flooring with under floor heating. It is a material that works well with various types of underfloor heating and give 30 % more of thermal conductivity than any other flooring material, so it will heat up faster than ordinary bathroom […]

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Microcement maintenance

Is it difficult to clean and maintain microcement?  No, it is the opposite! Microcement maintenance couldn’t be easier! One of the great advantages of microcement, which often convince people to use this material in their bathrooms is the fact that it super easy to maintain. The surface of the microcement is smooth, there are no joints or […]

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Microcement colours – does it only come in grey?

Microcement represents one of the most desired industrial interior design styles.  Its concrete alike, raw and minimalistic character often makes people wonder if microcement only comes in grey colours and if it will make the room look dark? The answer is – No! Microcement can brighten your interior as it reflects and strengthens natural light. […]

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