What is Microcement?

ClaudiCemento – UK based microcement supplier offering collection from our London warehouse or express delivery.

ClaudiCemento microcement bestows an exquisite and sophisticated look to all surfaces, transforming them into unique and contemporary works of art. This cement based material offers an array of possibilities, with a vast selection of colours, textures and finishes.

ClaudiCemento microcement can be applied to a variety of surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, to create a decorative and hard-wearing finish. It can be applied on a floor, bathrooms, furniture, stairs, worktops, walls and ceilings, indoor and outdoor areas.

ClaudiCemento can be utilised to adorn a variety of surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, to create an ornamental and durable finish. It can be applied in a variety of places, such as floors, walls, ceilings, wet rooms, bathrooms, furniture, stairs, worktops, both indoors and outdoors.

We offer three types of microcement; ClaudiCemento microcement BASE ( thick grain), ClaudiCemento microcement DECK (medium grain) and  ClaudiCemento Microcement FINE ( fine grain – the grain is almost not visible)  wall finishes. 

ClaudiCemento Microcement BASE and DECK are most durable, ClaudiCemento Microcement BASE gives the most rustic effect, both ClaudiCemento Microcement DECK and ClaudiCemento Microcement BASE imitate concrete best and give the desired industrial flare. ClaudiCemento Microcement Fine, with almost invisible grain is more smooth and subtle.

Click here to open a short video on which you can see our different microcement finishes. 

ClaudiCemento microcement main characteristics:

  • Minimum thickness of approximately 2/3mm
  • Great adhesive capacity
  • For new or old surfaces
  • Great mechanical resistance
  • Anti – allergic
  • Easy to keep clean – PH neutral cleaning products should be used 
  • 30 % more of thermal permeability than any other floor material
  • Can be applied in wet rooms
  • Quick and easy to apply – does not generate waste
  • Available in a wide range of colours and finishes
  • Versatile
  • Its texture can be imprinted
  • MAINTENANCE Click here to open PDF file with our microcement maintenance guideline.
ClaudiCemento Colour Chart

 Please note the online colour charts should be used as a guide only, accuracy of the displayed colours will vary with screen resolution, device and shade range.

ClaudiCemento Microcement system  was created to satisfy installers and their clients! 

ClaudiCemento Microcement system is a comprehensive system with high quality products which gives great aesthetics to any project. It has been designed to support and enable installers to fulfil the vision of designers and the wishes of their clients through their work.

ClaudiCemento Microcement system as an innovative, classy and decorative flooring and wall cladding for a new or old substrates, can be applied on concrete, wood, metal, plastic, asphalt, terrazzo or smooth ceramic which makes it perfect for any project.

5 main reasons why you should choose ClaudiCemento Microcement system

1.High quality products with each and every order you make  

All ClaudiCemento products are produced by one manufacturer with their own laboratories. This ensures that all products have a uniform composition, which guarantees the same high quality every time you purchase our products and use them in your projects.

2.ClaudiCemento system is a complete system that allows installation on any type of substrate

ClaudiCemento system provides solutions for all substrate conditions, it is a complete system which allows an installation on any type of substrate; by incorporating highly specialised products into the system, the substratecan be repaired and/or protect from moisture prior to ClaudiCemento microcement installation.

  • Microcement installation on irregular substrate – our unique  FIX ALL product gives you the possibility of installing a microcement on an even / irregular substrate. FIX ALL enables you to easily fix the substrate, and prevent any cracks resulting from the installation of microcement on a poorly prepared and/or irregular surface. The biggest advantage of FIX ALL is its non-shrinking ability during the curing/drying processes. This product is very easy to work with and it smoothest nicely without melting.
  • Microcement installation on substrate with moisture problems – HYDOR FIX ( aka FLEXY FIX) – a quick-to-install product, protects against moisture and water penetration from the ground. once dry, it is flexible and elastic, hence it also gives additional protection from any potential cracking. It is ideal for installing micro cement in garages, basements, swimming pools etc.
  • Microcement installation in the areas with a risk of standing waters and /or on low pitch surfaces where water can accumulate –  Protector Dur Epoxy is our ‘’agent 007’’ in the sealer class, unique and the only sealer on the market with such properties; it is best to use in the areas with a risk of standing waters and /or on low pitch surfaces where water can accumulate. 

3.ClaudiCemento products are installer friendly 

  • ClaudiCemento Microcement  due to an appropriate graining size, it does not form clumps when mixed and thoroughly covers a substrate and is very easy to apply. Furthermore, the ClaudiCemento Base is based on a crystal resin, which is mixed with water. This provides a number of benefits, such as: making dosing easier, it reduces the amount of wasted material and it does not bind/set as quickly as resin based microcement (slower biding time gives an installer more time for application, which is especially useful during installations at higher temperatures). 
  • High Quality Sealers – Protector Dur Matt, Satin and Epoxy are all 100% waterproof, provide guarantee of preventing stains or leakage. 
  • Protector Dur Matt and Protector Dur Satin are very installer-friendly – they are easy to use, both spread very smoothly over the surface, do not thicken immediately allowing application time, yet their ‘touch dry’ time after application is only 60 min.  
  • Fiber mesh – in ClaudiCemento system we use a fiber mesh straight after No1 Sealer application. This ensures that the fiber mesh sticks to the substrate and does not move, which makes the first cost of microcement application very easy.

4.Competitive prices and very attractive offers for Registered Installers

ClaudiCemento system has one of the most competitive prices on the European market. Retail price of ClaudiCemento system for an area of 100 SQM start just from £10.50 + VAT.Furthermore, our Registered Installer benefit from :

  • Discounts on our products, we offer three types of discounts: Silver, Golden and Platinum Register Installer discounts.
  • Become part of our marketing strategy, which will increase knowledge about your company and its services
  • Get access to our workshops and marketing materials, such as samples for future clients

5.UK Stock 

Order by collection in London or by delivery – no need to wait for weeks for your order!

ClaudiCemento system consist of:

  1. Sealer no1 – hardener and sealer, improves adhesion to the substrate. To be used as a perpetration to ClaudiCemento Base application.
  2. ClaudiCemento Base is a thickgrained microcement product that provides superior strength and durability to the entire system.
  3. ClaudiCemento Fine (fine grain)or Deck (medium grain) microcement –  Depending on the desired finish, you can apply one, two or three coats of microcement DECK or FINE. Each product provides different levels of durability and flexibility, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  4. Protector Primer – helps to protect the microcement from softening caused by the application of varnishes as the final coats of a system. It ensures that the microcement remains strong and durable.
  5. Protector Dur Satin, Matt or Epoxy – Top coat sealers protect the microcement from water and dirt. The sealer you choose for your microcement will be determined by the desired finish and its function. A sealer with a matt finish will produce a natural concrete look, the EPOXY sealer should used for wet rooms and outdoor spaces.  

All floor applications use a fiber mesh for strength and cohesion, ensuring greater durability and minimising the risk of cracks rising from the base.

FIX ALL – repair and base mortar for the ClaudiCemento system which should be used in the case of problematic, weak, uneven surfaces.

HUDRO FIX ( aka FLEXY FIX ) – tanking product with advanced formula for any substrate requiring high waterproofing isolation.

Products coverage 

ClaudiCemento BASE20KG10 SQM
ClaudiCemento DECK20kg21.5 SQM
ClaudiCemento FINE20kg33 SQM
FIBER MESH1M/10M or 1M/50M 10 SQM or 50 SQM

ClaudiCemento Microcement cost per square meter on  100 SQM area ( without pigment) 

ClaudiCemento FINE + Primer Dur Matt / SatinClaudiCemento FINE + Primer Dur EpoxyClaudiCemento DECK + Primer Dur Matt / SatinClaudiCemento DECK + Primer Dur EpoxyClaudiCemento BASE + Primer Dur Matt / SatinClaudiCemento BASE + Primer Dur Matt / Satin
WALL£10.50 + VAT£12.15 + VAT£11.30 + VAT£12.25 + VAT£12.40 + VAT£14.05 + VAT
FLOOR£16.04 + VAT£17.69 + VAT£17.80 + VAT£18.85 + VAT£17.85 + VAT£19.50 + VAT



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