ClaudiCemento is Europe’s leading microcement supplier.
Our signature product, ClaudiCemento microcement system, allows you to bring an elegant, decorative touch to any project.
We maintain close partnerships with the most trusted microcement installers, contractors and designers   across the UK and Europe, striving to deliver the highest quality product with fast, reliable service and attractive pricing.
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Wholesalers and contractors registered with us benefit from considerably lower prices and priority in service delivery.

Achieve a unique and timeless look with ClaudiCemento microcement!


Micro – due to its thin layer of 2/3 mm
Cement – as it is a cement-based compound

Microcement is also known as Micro topping or Micro screed.

Microcement is one of the most modern, elegant, sophisticated, and rustic materials. Due to its flexibility, wide range of colours and varieties of textures it gives you a freedom  to create unique spaces in commercial and residential settings. Its unparalleled elegance and sophistication make it a standout material for floors, walls, ceilings indoor and outdoor furniture.

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