Microcement and underfloor heating

Can microcement be installed on a floor with underfloor heating? – Yes.

Microcement is suitable for flooring with under floor heating. It is a material that works well with various types of underfloor heating and give 30 % more of thermal conductivity than any other flooring material, so it will heat up faster than ordinary bathroom tiles.

Will microcement floor be cold if there is no underfloor heating and will it be rough?  – Not at all! It will be warm, extremely comfortable and nice to touch and walk on. 

When we step out of the bathtub or shower, we want to feel pleasant warmth and not cold, as is the case with ordinary concrete or tiles. ClaudiCemento microcement creates a surface which is completely smooth and pleasantly warm. Microcement takes over the room temperature, so microcement floors are not cold.


  1. All pipework and underfloor heating systems need to be tested prior to installation. Water ingress can and will affect the curing process and will impact the microcement appearance.
  2. Floor heating needs to be switched off at least 3 days before the application of the microcement floor. Floor heating can be switch back on after 28 days of the microcement application. Then gradually increase the temperature of the underfloor heating system.
  3. Once the microcement floor has been installed and the curing process has ended, it is imperative that a breathable membrane floor cover is used to protect the flooring from potential damages caused by any ongoing construction works and high foot workers traffic.
  4. Microcement is a mortar applied by hand with a trowel and it needs to be applied on solid and dry subfloor. Standard sand and cement based self-levelling poured on the under-floor heating system will create an ideal subfloor for the microcement installation. Make sure the self – levelling mortar is fully dry before you start the microcement installation.
  5. If you notice any cracks in the subfloor, they would need to be addressed first. You can use our FIX ALL system, to repair cracks or old and uneven subfloors.

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