Microcement maintenance

Is it difficult to clean and maintain microcement?  No, it is the opposite! Microcement maintenance couldn’t be easier!

One of the great advantages of microcement, which often convince people to use this material in their bathrooms is the fact that it super easy to maintain. The surface of the microcement is smooth, there are no joints or unevenness, so no dirt accumulates in them. With the appropriate top coating there is no soap residue and therefore cleaning a perfectly even surface is easy and pleasant.

We recommend the use of water and neutral soaps and no to use abrasive cleaners. Any PH neutral cleaners available on the market which can be used to clean marble are also suitable for microcement.

Click HERE to see a short reel demonstrating how easy it is to clean microcement.

Click HERE to download our full microcement maintenance guide.


  1. The following products will damage and/or remove the coating:
  • Products containing butyl (also known as 2-butoxyethanol).
  • Floor strippers, surface emulsifiers/extenders, and degreasers, which usually contain butyl.
  • High or low pH cleaners including bleach.  abrasive cleaners, solvents, steam mops, steel wool, or scouring powder on the floor.
  1. Do not wax the floor
  2. For microcement installation in wet rooms, on kitchen worktops, in commentarial high traffic properties and outside areas, we recommend using our solvent based sealer – Protector DUR Epoxy and apply 2-3 coats.


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