ClaudiCemento microcement DECK

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ClaudiCemento DECK microcement gives a maximum strength and extreme hardness that make it an ideal product for use both indoors and outdoors, garages, porches, high traffic commercial, industrial buildings, offices, shops , warehouses,  restaurants , outside areas.

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ClaudiCemento microcement DECK –  coating, high impact resistance.

ClaudiCemento DECK microcement gives a maximum strength and extreme hardness that make it an ideal product for use both indoors and outdoors, garages, porches, high traffic commercial, industrial buildings, offices, shops , warehouses,  restaurants , outside areas.

ClaudiCemento microcement DECK is formulated from cement, selected aggregates, dyes and resins.  Once mixed and applied on walls, floor, objects, furniture it results in a coating of mortar  of 4 mm thickness (depending the surface) of great originality and beauty. ClaudiCemento  microcement DECK is ideal for coating new concrete surfaces, old, cement mortar and ceramics of any kind. Both horizontal and vertical.


  • Maximum strength and highly resistantto dents and scratches
  • Much like ClaudiCemento Fine finish but with high resistance characteristics that makes its unique appearance
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High mechanical strength
  • Stable against ultraviolet rays
  • Suitable for floors with underfloor heating
  • Can be used in wet areas such as wet rooms


Suitable for coating and decorate walls and ceilings of commercial and residential spaces, type: Shops, offices, restaurants, halls, exhibition areas, homes, theme parks, furniture, shelving, countertops and ceramic tile bathrooms, kitchens, garages and warehouses industrial, internal and external applications.

The system is suitable for floors with underfloor heating.


The approximate thickness of the system is 3-4 mm ( floor installation ), 1 – 2 mm (wall installation)

Consumption per layer is approximately +/- 0.46 / m2.


Aggregate  size: ± 0.6 mm


Buckets of 23 KG or 20 KG


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Weight 23 kg

20KG, 23KG


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