Contractors and wholesalers

 We have very attractive offers for registered contractors and wholesalers:

  • discounted prices
  • priority in service delivery
  • free marketing materials
  • access to workshops and trainings
  • inclusion in the marketing strategy
  • partnership networking

Please contact us today to enquire about benefits and considerable discounted offers for registered contractors and wholesalers.

Registereded installers:


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Training and workshops

NEXT WORKSHOP – 24th and 25th of October 2020 ! 

‘We’re not going to be the first to this party, but we’re going to be the best’ – Stave Jobs

Learning new skills is the easiest and cheapest option to further develop your business, help your company to grow and to keep up with the current trends.

Microcement has been selected by professional interior designers and architects as one of the most innovative and attractive products to work with in recent years.

Understanding the market by keeping up with current design ideas and trends is the key to ensuring demand and success of any business.

Using our extensive skills and experience, we can offer high quality training which will equip you to supply and install our high quality and growing in  demand ClaudiCemento microcement.

We are committed to helping construction companies, their employers and smaller construction businesses to grow, develop and deliver great services better and more efficiently.

Benefits – what will you get from attending this workshop?

  • Gain knowledge and skills enabling you to install microcement
  • Become a registered installer and receive considerable discounts on our products, access priority delivery and be included in our marketing which raises awareness of your business and service
  • Free marketing materials, such as samples for your future clients
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Literature – Microcement application manual

 Outcomes – what will you learn?

  • Thorough understanding of the ClaudiCemento Microcement system
  • Ability to assess different types of substrates and risks
  • Thorough understanding of different techniques of microcement application
  • Ability to apply microcement on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Ability to apply microcement on furniture
  • Ability to achieve different types of finishes
  • Knowledge of how to plan and assess budget for microcement application
  • Knowledge of how to promote the microcement to potential customers

Eligibility – Who is this workshop for?

  • Builders, plasters and contractors
  • Installers who wish to change their current supplier
  • Individuals who wish to learn new skills and develop an ability to apply a microcement

One of a kind training – What makes it different from other Microcement workshops?

  •  It is designed to accommodate the needs of companies as well as self-employed individuals
  • We are flexible and adjust our training to individual needs, depending on your experience
  • The completion of our workshop comes with a wide range of ongoing benefits including considerable discounts, samples and literature
  • We offer a full section on microcement application on furniture which is unique and uncommon in the UK

Costs and Location

We offer you two payment options for our workshops:

1. £375 + VAT per person –  once the workshop fee is paid you will be also provided with a discount code which will enable you to complete any purchases at our shop at a lower price.


2. For individuals/contractors who wish to become our Register Installers –  spend a minimum of £800(inc.VAT) in our online shop on our products. You will be required to secure the payment of £800 (inc. VAT) prior to the workshop date and will be provided with £800 (inc.VAT) voucher and a discount code which will enable you to complete this and any future purchases at our shop at a lower price.

The workshops are based in Greater London area.

Prices will change from January 2021.


6th and 7th of January 2021 – cancelled!

As Greater London and other parts of the UK were moved into tier four restrictions, our workshop which was due on the 6th and 7th of January 2021 had to be cancelled.

Once we have some new dates set for our workshops in 2021 will will let you know!

Contact us on today and enquire about our workshops.

Become our registered installer!